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Shardonnay Way

Commercial License Agreement

Commercial License Agreement

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Lifetime Resell Rights

Commercial License


This License Agreement is made on 11th February 2024 between Lifetime Resell Rights Products ("Licensor") and [customer name] ("Licensee"), who purchased products on the Lifetime Resell Rights & Shardonnay Way Products website. This Agreement governs the terms under which Licensee may use the purchased products.

1. Grant of License:

Licensor grants Licensee a non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, and resell the digital products in accordance with this Agreement. Licensee may resell the products with lifetime resell rights and grant sublicenses.


2. Permitted Uses:

Licensee may:
Use the products personally or for business.
Modify the products as needed.
Resell the products to end users for their personal or business use. Resell or sublicense the Products to other resellers.
Reproduce, modify, or distribute the products.
Claim ownership of the original designs or any parts thereof.


3. Restrictions:

Licensee may not:
Use the products unlawfully or unethically Apply for trademark or copyright


4. Ownership and Copyright:

Intellectual property rights, such as ownership of titles, copyrights, and interests related to the Products, will continue to be owned by the Licensor.

This agreement does not convey any ownership or copyright privileges to the Licensee.

5. Termination:

Either party has the right to terminate this Agreement via written notification if they detect a significant violation of its conditions by the other part.

Upon termination, the Licensee must immediately stop all Product usage and sales.


6. Warranty and Liability:

The Licensor makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the Products.

The Licensor shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, particular, or consequential losses arising from the use of the Products or from failing to use them.


7. Governing Law:

This Agreement falls under the jurisdiction's legal framework where the Licensor operates. The jurisdiction in this case is Southport 4215, Queensland, Australia. The purchaser indemnifies Sharanis Lifestyle Group t/as Sharanis Trust , it’s Directors and Employees against claims made in pursuit of damages relative to the use and resale of all or any of the courses offered under the Shardonnay Brand/Lifetime Resell Rights.


8. Entire Agreement:

This Agreement represents the complete understanding between involved entities and invalidates any earlier negotiations or arrangements.


9. Acceptance:

By using the Products, the Licensee signifies acceptance of and agreement to abide by the terms of this Agreement.


10. Contact Information:

For queries or communication about this Agreement, reach out to:


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