About Me


Born in Thailand and of Indian descent, I witnessed first hand how hard it was for a woman to succeed. Nearly a child bride at 16, I was gifted an opportunity to create my own life, one of my choosing and for my benefit, and I seized it with both hands!
From the depths of my heart, my mission to empower women has always been more than a calling—it's a sacred vow.

Witnessing the transformation when a woman takes the reins of her life, to live it with the effervescence and sparkle of the finest Shardonnay, is the very essence of why I breathe, dream, and create.

It's about crafting a life by design, not by default; a life that bubbles over with joy, purpose, and relentless pursuit of passion. And now I want that for you...

This vision led me to offer lifetime resell rights to digital courses, because I believe in the power of knowledge to unlock doors, to light fires within, and to inspire a symphony of change.

My heart swells with pride and purpose, knowing that through this, I am not just offering a product, but an invitation to join a movement—a sisterhood dedicated to living vibrantly, boldly, and on our own terms.

This is not just my work; it's my testament to the indomitable spirit of women everywhere, an ode to living life the 'Shardonnay Way.'

My background is in Publishing and Media, having published women's empowerment magazines and books, created an Oprah style TV Talk Show called 'The Girlfriend Hour', ran over 300 business networking events, spoken on cruise ships, at large conferences in India and on a TEDx stage while mentoring hundreds of women over a 20 year period.

But ... THIS is my calling. 

Teaching you everything I know to help you create your life by design and live life the 'Shardonnay Way'.

I am a proud digital nomad, travelling the world with my husband and want to help you build your business so you can join us for a chardonnay somewhere in the world... or pay your bills with ease. You choose.

I'm blessed to be supported by my incredible team and we are here to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. You make the first move and we will see you on the inside.

Here's to celebrating your success very soon.

Big hugs

Shar x

PS: I've been blessed to do some amazing things in the last 20 years of business, feel free to connect with me on socials:

W: www.sharmoore.com.au
IG: www.instagram.com/shar__moore