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The Reel Attraction Masterclass with MRR

The Reel Attraction Masterclass with MRR

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 I'm SHAR-ing the love on this one! I recently stumbled across this course and said to myself 'Shar, you need to share this with your clients in SHARdonnay Way' and here we are!

The Trello Board filled with 30 Days of Prompts, Hooks & Captions, Hashtags & SEO for each reel, it's a must-have for anyone on this digital journey!

Many of us struggle with creating content, THIS course is the answer.

I've created these mockups which you can purchase (or design your own if you're up for it) and the course is from a fellow sister creator and cannot be changed or rebranded.

This is for you if...

  • You aren't seeing your Reels and content reach the audience you desire

  • You're not ready to buy a bigger course but want to start learning how to market and sell your digital products with Reels.

  • You are lacking engagement on all your posts

  • You struggle with creating captions

  • You need a deep dive on how to create reels that actually convert to happy, paying customers

  • You struggle with what to post in your stories and want 30 days of templates done for you in an interactive, easy-to-use system

What you get when you sign up for The Reel Attraction:

  • 45 min Masterclass on creating quality content on Instagram by an Instagram influencer that scaled her profile

  • All of the original creator's strategies for success

  • SETUP: The basics of creating an Instagram profile that is optimized to attract your dream followers

  • CONTENT: Learn the strategy for creating attraction content

  • SALES: Learn how to use features to convert followers into paid customers

  • TRAINING: Train the algorithm to give you what you want

  • 30 days of caption and story templates all in an interactive, easy-to-use Trello Board!

  • Master Resell Rights! Purchase this product and own full rights to resell it for 100% profit! Must be resold for no less than $111USD (see terms & conditions inside the course)

Please note, NO discount codes will work on this product. If you buy this with products that do allow discounts, the cart won't process your order, so purchase this one separately.
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>> Digital Products with Master Resell Rights. Use this course yourself or resell with Lifetime Resell Rights and create extra income for yourself so you can finally create your life by design. <<

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